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( Name of school ) ( place) 8th October 2015. NOTICE: LOST! My English book is missing from a couple of weeks . I request everyone that if founder please return it to me . It was covered with a blue coloured paper and was in an excellent condition. Make me know if you get it. ( your name) (Class)
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                                        St. Xavier's School
October 8th,2015

I lost my English book yesterday in the canteen.The book was new and with an orange cover.There was a nameplate over it and my name(Anjali Jha),class(8th)  and section("A") respectively were written on it.Anyone who finds it please do return it to me or deposit to my class-teacher Mr.Pradeep Sinha.I promsie to give a treat to the finder.

Anjali Jha
Roll No-07
Class VIII "B"

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