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Dear Grandparents,
                               Hope you are well by the grace of God.i received you letter yesterday in which you had wanted to know about my favourite book.i am writing this letter to answer you.
                                i love to read books , especially adventurous books.i have read many books but there is one which i love read numerous and countless is the 'chronicles of Narnia'.the author of this book is C.S.Lewis.he is a very good author.this book is a mixture of many types of adventures that a boy and girl is also very thrilling to is a very fat book which i have read almost five times by now.i promise to tell you the whole story when we meet next time.
                             hope you will enjoy reading my letter as much as i enjoyed writing it.i will now end my letter here.please take care of yourselves.looking forward for a quick reply from you.
                                                                        your loving grand daughter;
                                                                                        your name