History: both country are very similar in history because both are slaves of               Britishers.

Culture: Both the country have so many different religions. 

Literature : Both country have very little thinking about education of girls                     both country denied girls education.

The story of India and Africa are very similar. 
First i wanted to tell you that both the countries India and Africa both country were Slaves under the British rule.

India under slave of British around 200 years both country are very rich in raw material and have a very big amount of spices but because of slaves of Britishers both county were hugely effected. 

Britishers transport goods and raw materials from India to their country that's why both country were poor in raw material and that's why they import goods from other country. the decreasing of raw material and goods will directly effect the GDP of the country that's why India and Africa were very poor in growth rate and poverty takes place in a huge amount.

 and UNEMPLOYMENT is one of the common threads between India and Africa.
both the countries have been under British control-HISTORY
both the countries have different cultural divisions-CULTURE
both the countries does not care about women education-LITERATURE
POVERTY and UNEMPLOYMENT are also other threats between India and south Africa