220 B Baker Street
New Delhi
9th October, 2015

Dear Grandparents,
            I am hale and hearty. I hope you are too and enjoying your days. I was surprised and very delighted to receive your letter yesterday. I came to know from your loving letter that you want to know about my favourite book. Below I am giving the details about it.
             You already know that I am a bookworm. I love reading various kinds of books. But novels are my favourite, especially detective stories. My favourite is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.
             As the name suggests, this book is contains the stories of the consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. He is the smartest of all. His observational skills are extraordinary. He can give a detailed account of a person just by looking at him. He solves crimes mainly in London, but not limited to it. He also gets calls from kings and queens of various countries to help them. The way he catches the culprits, recovers valuable documents or materials is just amazing. There is no one as much passionate as him in solving crimes. You will love it. Grandmaa once told me that she had read some of the stories. If possible, read all. You will love it.

                             Hope you will enjoy reading my letter as much as i enjoyed writing it. Please write back to me as soon as you get some time. Awaiting your loving letter...
your loving

Dear grandparent,

hello,i know you will be surprised to see a letter from your grandson.But i tell you that i recently started to read novels and my first book became my favourite book and you won't believe it.It is "The great gatsby"which is one of the best selling novel in Newyork is an incredible book and i loved the writer and i am just a fan him.i hope in the next birthday i would get a novel or a classical book

yours faithfully