You need some cardboard boxes. By the way, some things like the dome cannot be made by cardboard boxes. You are going to need some river silt or farm soil for this. You will also need some gum and a churner, or plasticine.

Paint the boxes in Maroon. Maroon is more likely the color of the Red Fort than red. Paint all the features into it.
Take the farm soil and wet it thoroughly.  (If you are using river silt you need not do this part.) You have some clay.
Mold the formed clay into the shape of a dome with your hands. Make many more of this.
Build all the rest with boxes.
Pour a lot of gum into a beaker. Using a churner or pestle, churn the gum into a slightly less denser solution. (If you are using plasticine, you need not do this.)
Dip the bottom of the domes in the in the churned gum or apply plasticine.
Stick it to the boxes.