: HEALTH AND FITNESS :
Health is one of the most important thing for which we should care . Nowadays people are so busy in their work and jobs that they even don't know that their health level is decreasing day by day because of carelessness. Health is not just physical condition it includes mental condition too. In today's life every people used to eat junk food which is not good for their health. No person is there who used to spend some time for health even peoples are not spending 30 minutes for exercise because human beings are getting lazier. we should spend at least 30 minutes for our health . Yoga is the best medicine for health for mental and physical both the condition. it makes our mind sharp. Human beings should be care for their health and stop eating junk foods because 'HEALTH IS WEALTH' if your health is good then you can make wealth anyway but without a good health and fitness everything is useless. Remember one thing always that Health and intellect are the blessings of life so  take care of it. 
The well known Latin poet named 'MARTIAL' said that "LIFE IS NOT MERELY BEING ALIVE ,BUT BEING WELL".


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