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Let two friends be Mansi and Aparna
Mansi : let's go for a movie what do you say?
Aparna:  i would love to do so but my parents don't allow at all.
Mansi : you are right I don't know what these parents have problems seeing their children going with friends alone
Aparna : This is true I agree they don't allow to be out without any elder 
Mansi : okay I understood there were no cinema halls before and they were unable to go with friends so they want the same for us
Aparna : I don't think so maybe there is some ting behind 
Mansi : oh! Please stop that they are in this thought only.
Aparna : I think they do this because a number of people with  unsound minds come there and make the environment there the worst
Mansi: oh yes aparna you are correct.