It describes the stages that a man passes through out his whole life.
1. infant
6.older years years
Shakespeare consider the world as stage and men and women actors on the stage of life.They play 7 roles according to their age. The 1st stage, as described by the poet is the Infant who carried out by the nurse.The Infant cries and vomits all the time.Later that Infant grows into a school boy, not willing to attend the school, which is the 4th stage of a man's life.The 3rd stage is that of a lover, who is lost in his thoughts of love.The lover writes poetry to his lady's beauty In the 4th stage, as he grows older, he joins the army and become a soldier. He is always fit and aggressive, short tempered and ambitious in nature The fifth stage shows that with maturity and wisdom, the family man becomes a judge. He is a fair, healthy man full of wisdom. His look is authoritative and he advises people. The sixth stage is about the man who has grown old and is seen in a pantaloon and spectacles. His authoritative voice has grown weak and his voice trembles as he talks.
The last stage is about the senile man who loses his teeth, his vision and his hearing. After this, the man part in the play ends and he exits from the stages of his life forever.