Popularly called JP, Narayan played a pivotal role in the Quit India movement and earned a lot of fame and respect for this. During the Quit India Movement too in 1942, JP was at the helm of the agitation.

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      Lok Nayak JP Narayan was a selfless freedom fighter of India, social reformer, political thinker, political leader and a gentleman.  He was well respected by all political parties and people in India.

      He was impressed with stories of valour of Rajuput Kings and Bhagawd Gita.  So he developed noble qualities.  He married very early in his life at the age of 18 yrs, a freedom fighter “Prabhavati Devi”.   She lived in Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram in Gujrat participating freedom struggles and social activities of Kasturba Gandhi.

      He was impressed by Maulana Azad and left English school and joined Vidyapeeth run by the Congress. He went to USA for higher studies in political science, economics and sociology.  On returning from USA he joined Indian National Congress in 1929.  It was on the call of Pandit Nehru to help free the nation.  Gandhiji became his mentor and Guru too. .  He was jailed many times during the independence struggle.  He was tortured by British, unlike other national leaders.

    He participated in activities along with Ram Manohar Lohia, Minoo Masaani, Ashok Mehta, and Yusuf Desai.   He was jailed during the civil disobedience movement initiated by Gandhiji in 1932.  He escape the jail with the help of his friends.  Then he became the general secretary of the newly formed “Congress Socialist Party”, within the Congress party.

     During the Quit India movement in August 1942, he participated at the frontline as one of its leaders.  He along with Yogendra Shukla and others escaped the Jail to start underground activities for Freddom struggle.   After the death of Gandhiji, CSP became the first socialist opposition party to ruling congress, due to the differences in the political philosophies, capitalism vs socialism.  JP was awarded Bharat Ratna award for all his contributions to Indian people.

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