Yes digital India leads to development. now a days technology is becoming faster like many advanced phones and apps.these apps gives security and information on what we need.many schools started digital teaching it makes students understand faster and easier.robots are developed to replace the human work and reduce labor costs.NASA is also increased to use digital method to find and get useful information.after few years there will be a lots of change in India due to digital and technical development.
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     Digital India leads to National development.  The program is intended to develop the services offered to the citizens.  People will get power in their mobile phones to get e-services from government or other agencies.  People will have universal mobile phone connectivity.  The services will be transparent.

     Various documents related to each citizen could be kept in an online digital locker (safe).  So the digitized copy and certificates are handled automatically and authenticity is enhanced.  It is aimed at reduction of cheating.

     The implementation of internet connectivity in lakhs of villages and wifi connectivity in lakhs of schools will increase employment.  It will  increase digital literacy.  Smart phones and other related gadgets are expected to be manufactured in India .  So it will benefit nation in multiple ways.

    Various other benefits come in indirectly.  India will move to become an advanced country with in the next decade.  With hifi India, digital India, swachch Bharat, Make India, swachch ganga, smart cities and many other development programmes going on in the country for 5 years,  the expected development is really remarkable.

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