Can i tell u after ward in 5 min i will. get it for u 

Latest to arrive, in the line of holy men 
Your beginnings were very humble 
No one knew the power within you then. 
You made the British Empire crumble. 

Hard to imagine, a man like you lived 
Two thousand years after Buddha’s death 
You poured life into his teachings and revived, 
Non- Violence was you mantra, your strength. 

Like every human being, while young 
You did things that were really bad, 
But soon realised that, it was wrong 
And corrected the evil mind you had. 

Then dedicated your life for achieving freedom 
For the ancient and richest country on the Earth, 
Which was being humiliated and exploited by some 
For patience and courage, in you there was no dearth. 

You achieved freedom through Non-Violence 
Empire came to its knees; and fell at your feet, 
You forgave the sinners and taught us tolerance 
Your coming on this earth has made our lives replete.