Well theĀ  present world is surrounded by technology where mostly each and every person has a mobile phone. A mobile phone is a gadget which mainly helps us to communicate with people of our choice over radio active signals. These devices are very useful and convenient to use. Following are some of their uses:-

a) mobiles are like a society. they open the gates of real world where we can interact with people. this is known as SOCIAL NETWORKING.

b) mobiles are boxes of entertainment. these gadgets are able to carry all our favorite media to keep us entertained.wanna watch a movie or jingle a new song?......mobiles are there foe you.

c) mobiles are also corporative and commercial divices. they act as a companion in work where all the important conversation can take place throug these.
So, to conclude.... mobile are like useful boxes which we require to store our information. they are like modern day pets which are a great companion to us.
hope this helps u