how to make pen holder
1.find an empty toilet paper roll tube 
2.then stick it on to a small piece of square card.this will be use as base of the pencil holder
3.stick the toilet roll tube on to the base
4.then colour the tube with colour paper.
5.decorate the pen holder any way you want and its done

how to make paper bag

1.fold over the right corner to meet with the top left corner
2.fold in the left corner so it make the side straight
3.fold down the top triangle to make that edge straight
4.fold in the side again so it cover the gap next to the folder down triangle.but tuck it under the folder triangle and really push down on the fold to make it stronger
5.just open it up and ur bag is ready
To make Pen Holder
Rake a used cola can or and empty plastic bottle and remove its top. [You can take help from an adult]
Now by cover it with beautiful and colorful papers and decorate with stones.
Put your pens in it and its ready.
To make paper bag
Take news paper [old] of rectangular shape and fold iit from centre.Apply glue on the other sides to stick them.Add  handles of ribbon or thick thread and it is ready