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That's not so because many parents fail 2 understand thier child in this stage. Yes in before parents used 2 understand them but in today's age the teenagers have some differnt bent of mind so i think that parents r not the best friends of teenagers
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Parents say they are the best friends of their children.In past children did not hesitate to share their problems but in today's generation the teenagers face such problems that they cannot come out of themselves and cannot speak of these to their parents.
And if they do they are scolded for their mistakes, which further crushes their sentiments and somehow or the other they try to keep their problems hidden from their parents.
Parents promise to be the best friend at this stage but they act too overprotective which apparently results in their aggressive behaviour, hence making the teens more frightful of their own parents.
So, generally they tend to have more faith in their peer groups which may sometimes be quite misleading and results in even more problems.
Its time for the Parents to act more sensible & caring, and understand the real sentiments.
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