The recent formation of the sports club has sprung up a sense of play into the students of the school. I, as Captain, manage all the affairs in the club and have noticed an unusual happening around the campus lately. The sports day is to be conducted around spring equinox, which is rather nearby, and there are many issues regarding the club. A tender had been issued in the school where students can publish complaints to the Sports Club regarding Sports equipment and gear. The club is doing a good job with the promotion of outdoor games and team sports. However, one complaint by Class 6A states that students from higher classes do not let them play football on the ground, which they are used to. Another is that the ball gets regularly kicked too far, resulting in it requiring a lot of cleaning. Further examination states that the ball is too light.  Suggested procedure is opting for a heavier ball, filled with air. Then one is that the sports club is out of resources to build a track. Please purchase them. Yet another complaint states that the goal-post for the football match has a torn net and faces an open manhole. Please fix the net and close the manhole. A complaint by 7C states that the basketball net is badly damaged. It is in risk of collapsing, I have collected from my personal observation and examination. Suggested procedure is to purchase new baskets. Now, about the sports day: we have decided that it be conducted on a non-working day, for smoothness of running curricular management and teaching. Please take action.
Aravind Suresh
Secretary Sports Club, Springfield High          
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