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Gandhiji was born in the 19th century when the Indian society was in a different state.  It was under rule of British.  Gandhiji studied in India and later studied law in England.  He went to South Africa and then returned to India.  He then joined freedom struggle. He joined Indian National Congress.  He lead them with his principles and guidance to India's freedom.

1.  To trust in Truth and its power.  Not to tell lies.
2.  Self realization is important.  We should know what we are, what our strengths are.
3.  Gandhiji said that customer is the most important person.  Customer satisfaction is most important.
4.  Gandhiji learned from his experience and became wiser each experience he got.  So I do learn from each of my experiences.
5.  Gandhiji used to live simple, sage like and honest life.  That teaches us that one needs to be true to oneself.  Practice what you teach before you teach it to someone else.
6.  Non-violence is more powerful and lasting than violence and killing.  The anger and violence of opponents is reduced by persistent  non-violent struggle.
7.  Non-cooperation is an effective form of struggle.
8.  Leadership by example, and by honest open minded approach. 
9. Gandhiji asked us to treat people at lower level in the society in a good way.  Do not treat them bad.  It shows our internal mentality.
10. Gandhiji was a good speaker and writer.  He was able to influence people through his sayings.  It is required to be nice, soft and gentleman.
11.  Self confidence, speed of action, clear, transparent decision making, keeping oneself busy all the time, dedicating oneself to the principle one believes in.
12.  Self-reliance is the most important message.  Develop capabilities to support oneself.  This is applicable for individuals or organizations or countries or states.
 13.  Gandhiji had courage to fight against the atrocities against him and his community.  We learn that  we should not tolerate oppression.
14.  He liked his wife and gave her importance in his family.  We should respect ladies and give them sufficient authority and role.
15.  Gandhiji did mistakes in his childhood and youth.  He learned to tell them, apologize and face the consequences.
16. Gandhiji believed in clean environment, clean water, clean air, literacy, dharma, satya, ahimsa and God etc.  Gandhiji believed in a good disciplined life.

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