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My dear friend  Murthy,                                                       Hyderabad
                                                                                    dt  19-10-2015
       It has been a while that we interacted with each other.  I am writing this letter to you with your address that I have with me.  Update me with your whereabouts as well as email id, and phone number.
        I joined  New Age Infotech. as the chief of projects recently.  So now I am based at Hyderabad.   This company is stated under the scheme of Make India and will work for Digital India.  Things seem to be going on nicely so far.   I hope they continue to be on good terms with me in future too.   I am in charge of the development, marketing and design activities.

      There is a big task on hand for Digital India projects.  We are on that now.  Thankfully the employees and colleagues are nice and know their work well.  Nowadays people know things much better than in the old days.   So I do not have to bother a lot about their ability and target dates.  They will happen smoothly.  I have found a friend among the colleagues, whom I can trust and have good relations.

      I am given a good house nearby my company.  I have a swimming pool, garden, sports hall, club, gym in my community area.  I seem to enjoy the life for the moment.

      It will be a good experience to share my joy with you.  Visit me when you can come breaking away from your tension filled job.  You will relax and rejuvenate yourself during a small vacation around here.

Yours friendly

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