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Hello, dear audience. Good morning/afternoon/evening. Today, I am going to give a speech on "Science and Future".

So, as we all know, "science" is a branch of knowledge or the technical study of everything around the earth. Be it physics - (the study of nature, calculation of forces, energy, more..), chemistry - (study of small tiny particles, acidity, more..), biology - (study of living things on earth). These are a few known forms of sciences. We all know about science - but, why is it always related with the future? How does it affect the future? My main point of this speech will be that.

Fire. Maybe, everything here thinks it is just an ordinary thing. But, it is actually a scientific discovery by ancient men. Look at it's everyday uses : the cooking stove - we can cook food here only because of fire, the cigarette lighter - it produces a small amount of fire that can be used to light cigarette or any other thing, the hurricane - it gives us light and warmth produced but the fire inside it. So, here we see this amazing scientific discovery has led to benefit the future. It is the future.

We study physics, chemistry, biology. Look at the computer, it is chemistry, physics. Look at your toothpaste - that's chemistry! Look at your food - its chemistry! Look at the light bulb - it's physics. Look at electricity - this is physics. Look at soap - that's biology and chemistry! Without these, how can a day pass? So, without science, can the world be alive?

Science builds technology. Technology leads to a better future.

Our world today is the result of scientific advancement. All we see around us - technology, it's all science. There is no doubt that science is an important subject and it also proves that it is not all nonsense that great men spend all their lives studying this difficult subject.

So, science-haters learn your lesson - learn science and construct a better future for your life!!

That's all from me, Thanks for listening to my speech with great interest.

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