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    Harita haram (HH shall we say) is the official government program of Telangana state.  It is the campaign to plant crores of plant saplings over the state during the coming few years.  HH has been inaugurated by the Chief Minister shri Chandra Sekhara Rao on 3rd July, 2015 at Chilkur Balaji temple near Hyderabad.  


    Telangana is covered about 24% with greenery.  The national forest conservation policy is aiming at 33% greenery.  So a massive plantation program has been successfully underway for more than a year now.  The main aim is to maintain ecological balance, biodiversity, and protection of good soil and its nutrients.  Stopping smuggling of wood from forests and regenerating forests are also included too.  Trees stop soil erosion and hold the waters near the roots.  They reduce pollution and give shade.  Of course wood and other benefits of trees are all known to us.


     In the forest areas about 120 crores of saplings will be planted.  In the rest of the state about 100 crores of saplings are to be planted in two or three years.  Many have been already done too.  Plantation will go on beside the roads, canals, lakes, in the premises of educational institutions, government offices, municipalities, industrial estates and residential complexes.


    About 230 crores are allocated for the campaign.  Let us hope that HH increases rainfall and cools the state.  Let us wish the good old beautiful green nature of five decades ago returns back to the state.


     Telangana ku Harita Haram

      Green Necklace for Mother Earth

      Promises us a much better Health

      Let's Prosper growing our Wealth!

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