Many public sector organisation employ resources to deliver essential public services .These are considered to be services that are in the best interest of public welfare or the economy to make widely available, such as street lighting,health care and education 

some of the these services may be provided for free of charge or at a low cost  to people  and organisation that need them the most.They do not aim to make a profit . Instead many public sector organisation aim to provide cost- effective public services that are funded from taxes paid by private sector businesses and individuals

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It develops the infrastructure requirement of nations like construction of roads, bridges, railway track, dams, etc.
it provides huge amount of employment to the people of nation and also job security to them.
it provides secured environment to the people and industry by investing in defence, law and order, machinery.,etc.
it provides revenue to the govt which can be used for the development of social infrastructure like health, education, rural employment, subsidy to farmers etc