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We are talking about better India.  So let us say India of today has some difficulties.
    These difficulties are in terms of population being large, illiterate, unskilled in new technologies, poor, large unemployment, less modernization in rural areas.

    There are difficulties in terms of access to services of various government services, let it be health, food security, FDS, birth & death registration, pension, examinations, property deals and registrations, taxes, obtaining licenses, renewing them etc.  There are difficulties in terms of interfacing with government departments.  It could be delays, imperfections, handling of documents in hard copies and files.

     Digital technology can digitize hard copies of important documents.  It can provide a person with connectivity to government services any time.  The internet allows one to learn online any technology or other knowledge.  Digital and telecom hardware and software development is essential to bring the entire nation on one framework.  Digital technology expertise makes one to enter foreign worlds with confidence and at par.  Social networking could possibly make the life of rural people with closer interactions.  Social awareness will be better.  That leads to evolution of the society and India.
    Also, the world is gone far ahead of India in terms of services they offer to people, in the quality of hosting people and services.  The population is growing rapidly and so the services offered by the government are not enough and there are delays.  Making available the services in mobile phones will allow people to work directly with government.

    The new technologies help generation of employment to 1 Crore people, and setting up of 100s of new companies small and big.  They may develop applications for smart phones in India.  Smart phones and new devices would be manufactured in India.  This earns money in terms of taxes and they are priced lower.

    Schools will have access to faster wifi services.  Villages too will have access to fast broadband services.  This way when an urban citizen goes to rural areas, there is no discomfort or break in his/her continuity of professional or social network. Rural people will live nearly in phase with the urban people.

    Mobile phone numbers will be treated as identification number.  This makes one's universal identity simpler, when dealing with the government services.  Government will give a digital locker which stores documents and certificates of people safely on internet clouds of computers.  So data is secure and applications from people are authentic.  People could file applications online at any time and receive replies and certificates online.  Thus it eliminates physical travel and much inconvenience people are put to.

    About 1 Crore persons are to be trained in digital technologies.  So future generations will be computer and information technology literate.

    I would say that  security, protection of data, protection of interests of a citizen, information secrecy, legislation regarding Digital India, management of huge amount of e-waste, national data security are matters of utmost importance.  These must be looked into before implementing Digital India services into government departments.

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