squamous epithelium- it forms the delicate lining of cavities like mouth, esophagus, nose, pericardium, alveoli, etc. they are also found in the cavities of blood vessels and covering of the tongue and skin.
cuboidal epithelium- it is found in kidney tubules , thyroid vesicles and in glands (salivary glands, sweat glands and exocrine pancreas). it forms germinal epithelium of gonads (testes and ovaries).
columnar epithelium- it forms the lining of stomach , small intestine and colon, forming mucous membrane. it laso forms the lining of gall bladder and oviducts and facilities movement across the cells.
ciliated epithelium- it is found in the sperm ducts. the ciliated columnar epithelium lines the trachea(wind-pipe), bronchi(lungs), kindney tubules and oviducts (fallopian tubes).