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Lust is to get all but love is to give all. If we show love towards anyone such as needy people we become more generous and more concerned. We also get love back. They feel more happy than ever. We should love everyone and surely we can get lust back.
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Lust is all get and Love is all give. we think so many thoughts in a day and also we meet so many peoples in a day but we fail to show love on each and every one. we should show love on poor people or for those people who are needed to be but we think we didn't have this much time to do this all activity that's why we moved foreword.

we think so many dreams in a day and we should be because everyone have there own dream but if we did not love anyone how we get our dreams come true that's why we should love everyone and respect everyone because it helps a lot to those people who didn't know the real meaning of love. if we want that our dreams come true we should love everyone and at a result we will get our dreams come true.
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