Our India is still a developing country, and one of the major obstacles on our path of development is illiteracy among our masses. One very efficient way to deal with this, would be to spread adult education.
Every nook and corner of our country should get enlightened with the lamp of education and this should comprise of those adults too, who in their childhood had not been privileged enough to get education.
If a big enough section of adults in our country are without education, this would cast a very serious affect on our development. It is on these adults that reins of the country depends, they need to be well informed and aware. Only if they themselves are educated, they will understand the importance of education and work hard to get their children educated. A lot depends on the literacy levels of our citizens.
Now the government has taken many steps to promote and spread adult education. Camps, Special classes etc are being held. We can also provide additional financial assistance to such people, as because their first priority will be to earn a living, not to study.So it their financial grounds are secure, they can devote more time to learning. Kerala is such a state which is already faring excellently in this matter.
Still, there is a lot left to be done, and no doubt, coming together we will one day, very soon achieve this goal.
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