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                        Digital India  - Power to Empower

       Digital india is a program that is launched by the Prime minister of India, Narendra Modi.  Narendra Modi has planned to use the information technology, computers, telecommunication facilities, internet, network connectivity, digitization techniques to modernize the services offered to citizens.  Digital India also aims at providing internet connectivity to all citizens.

    This program is launched on July 1st, 2015.  A digital week was celebrated with a lot of discussions to finalize the requirements and features of Digital India.

    Digital India will provide digital vaults (safes) for people to store their certificates online.  Each person will have one unique private key, that will allow people access to their own documents.  Applications will be made and processed online.  The possibility of fake certificates will reduce and authenticity is improved.

     One very important point to note is that there some shortcomings in the plan and implementation as of now.  There is no design for protecting the autonomy of the citizen,  data security, information protection & secrecy, legal framework (for crimes, authorization, legalities), (legislative) parliamentary procedures and acts, cyber surveillance, surveillance by law and legislation, management of e-waste and most importantly National Data Security.   All these aspects have to be analyzed thoroughly and then the services are to be offered to the citizens.  Otherwise, the citizens rights are compromised.

    Digital training on the technologies will be provided for achieving literacy in citizens.  Mobile phones will be used as the personal identity for various transactions.  People in rural or urban areas will have access to all digital services and the Internet of things (IoT) on their mobiles or other gadgets.

   Digital India will have more transparency in the processes and governance.  It will eliminate a lot of cheating.  The documents are also safe.  This program will increase employment related to these technologies.  A lot of activities will become automated, with quality of service improving.  This program also will make Indians go to a higher level of literacy and technical skills.

   This program is chaired and supervised by the minister for communications and Information technology at the center.  Its aim is to provide Wifi services to 2.5 lakh schools.  Broadband internet connectivity to 2.5 lakh villages, and universal mobile phone connectivity.  Through this program by 2020 we want to achieve net zero imports, ie., exports will be equal to imports.

   Then 400,00 public access points for net will be provided and more than a Crore persons are to be trained in internet technologies, telecom, information technologies.  There is to be  a huge cloud of computers and servers to hold data related to the public.  Broad band connectivity will be provided with vast network of fiber optical cables.    All government offices would have attendance recorded and maintained online, using Bio-metric identification.

   New emerging area of flexible electronics field will be given a push with research and development facility.  The policy for setting up of the BPO organization in India is modified for benefiting North East India.

   There is a lot of importance given to making of digital gadgets and smart phones with in India.  Various technological giants in hardware and software in telecom and computers, have agreed to step in and cooperate in Digital India.  These include the top Indian and Multinational organizations.

   Digital India has 5 years of expected completion period.  It goes hand in hand with smart cities and various government services.  An internet web site is opened for this purpose.  People can contribute, discuss over there to furnish their valuable advises and requirements so that the final shape of Digital India is the best.

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