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Well, time is our past, present,and future.Time is that powerful truth of this nature which is cruel for the one who does not respect it and a boon for the one who goes on with it. Nobody is ahead of it while most of us are defeated by it. Time is that real concept of our lives which shows us ups and downs. It is well said that " Time and Tide waits for none." or "A stitch in time, saves nine." ! When I was small I always wondered That why everybody tends to be punctual or sincere. Why can't we always enjoy the way we want or just sit and do nothing. It was then when my father made me realize that how much important it is to manage the TIME. He asked me not to do any preparations before my examination and just sit and do things what I wanted to ! And I followed his instructions.naturally, I failed. I then realized that if I had been sincere enough to complete my work on time then I would have passed with flying colors. This is not the only example to support that how time plays a key role in our lives. Many cases are observed in which people have always failed in understanding the value of time. But then when they know it's importance, they have become legends. Take an example of sir Obama or our Bollywood Legend, MR. Bachan or Sharukh Khan. Last but not the least, I would say that success, hard work and Time are those siblings who can either make your life heaven or hell !

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