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Well, that's not an easy one. I wasn't sure whether I should write about an invention that had already solved such a problem, one that could potentially solve one, but is still in the development or one that's solely my idea and would solve such an issue in my opinion. I chose the second option as it seemed like the best one from my point of view. 


If you have ever heard about nano-machines, you probably believe, like me, that they're an utterly awesome idea to think of. Just as the name indicates, those are machines in the nano scale, which means basically that they are really tiny. 

How could use such small robots and how small exactly could they be? 

The most obvious usage that comes up quite often in articles and news is Modern Medicine. Thought, that a person could be injected with thousands of robots in size of a cell is almost overwhelming. Surgeries could be done without manual interactions with a patient's body. Those nanobots could repair us from the inside! 

There are of course many others ways to put those little fellas to good use, I'm sure you can think of some as well! Just try to imgine what it might mean to be able to operate robots on a molecular level.


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