It is a touching story about father's unending love for his daughter. The story describes a yearning for a daughter's news.
In this story there is a old man named coachman Ali and he is a Shikari means hunter . he used to kill birds or other creatures mercilessly . He has one daughter named Miriam . After Miriam''s marriage Ali's life was totally changed leaving his hunting nature. He became a lovely father and till five years he waited for the letter of his daughter but it didn't came . he used to go at post office daily for letter of his only daughter master and other used to make fun of Ali and does not under stand his feelings.When post master is suffering from same situation he understands the feelings of Ali as a father.One day the letter of Miriam came and at that time post master comes to know that Ali had died before three master goes to graveyard and delivers the letter on his grave and he moved.
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