Kabuliwala is a story based on an afghan street vendor who moves from streets to streets to raise funds .One day while he was on his way a small five year old child called out him as kabuliwala from the window her house.Their first meeting was quite unusual as she called him herself and did not communicate with him but then gradually their bond grew stronger and they even had some signs of thier friendship .Kabuliwala was sent to jail during this span for stabbing a man with a knife.So the girl grew older and had no remembrance about the kabuliwala which was found to be really strange by the day the girl had her ceremonial wedding day when kabuliwala came back to the girl.The narrator asked him to go back as he had never seen a homicide before .He was about to go when the narrator called him back and he showed himĀ  a paper on which his girl's hand was dabbed in coal and the narrator went emotional and asked mini to meet the kabukiwaka and that is how the story ended with a conclusion that kabuliwala found her girl's reflection iin mini.
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