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Exam : ASL
Topic : Music

Music is a medium of expression. Fine Arts is the language of the heart. What language cannot express, it can be easily expressed by the Fine Arts. Music occupies the first place among Fine Arts. Sound is the medium of expression in music. Music is created by nature with the skill of man. Only human beings are capable of singing and playing music. People sing to express their feelings like sorrow, joy and other moods. Even children sleep by listening to melodious music. All living beings enjoy the bliss of music.Singing or listening to the music is a good exercise to the body and the mind.Besides, music is an entertainment which keeps the mind peaceful. Brain becomes strong by practicing music. Music helps to maintain concretation. Music brings unity in diversity. There is no caste, creed, gender,in music.Music is the only fine art that can be learnt at any age, if the person has the ability to sing. I cannot imagine life without music.



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Its very good .But at last you should add your own experience about music
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i cannot imagine life without music .Ilove listening music.Even i also want to become a singer and hence entertain my audiance.

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U can also add like I have also participated n many music competition and listening to music or singing it is my favourite pastime
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