Plz tell me step bye step process of dividing 8472 by 7
i want to know when remainder is left as 2 with quotient 121 how did 0 came .... i know this is wierd but plzz help..
the procees is..
we need to do 8472/7.

7 | 8472 | 1210

1. divide first digit. we get 1 as remainder.
2. drop down 4. we get 14.
3. its 2.
3. Drop down 7.
4. its 1.
5. drop down 2.
6. that's the end, we cannot divide anymore.
7. do with 0.
8. and we have the answer.
But I want to know why we r dividing it by 0 when we have a remainder



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I dont know how to explain but,
                  look after step 3,7 is divided by 7 and remainder is zero,then we are taking the next digit but its 2,two is a digit smaller than 7 right?so we are putting a zero
                     we can see similar cases while dividing 20 by 2,or 10013 by 7,etc
if any doubts in such questions,dont forget to multiply divisor and quotient +remainder and check if its equal to divident
              remember that,if after taking the difference of 2 nos in division and taking the next no check if its less than divisor if so we will put a zero there
2 3 2
6 I7881
7881/6 first we will get remainder 1,and we are taking the next digit 8 down ,we get 18 which is larger than 6,so we divide it by 6 and get quotient 3, remainde r0 ,and taking next number down ie,8,8 is larger than 6 dividing 8 by 6,we w ill get 1 as quotient 2 as remainder then take next no. down we will get 21 which is greater than 6 on dividing it by 6, we will set 3 as quotient and 3 as remainder,again there ia no no. to take so division is over there or we can put decimals
y haven't we have put desimals in the above case of 8472/7 nd y haven't we have added 0 before decimal in the case of 7881/6?
if we want we can put decimals in case of 8472/7 then we will get 1210.285 after putting decimal in quotient we put decimal in remainder it become 20 and we countinue division. we havent added 0 before decimal in 7881/6 becz,remainder is 3 and we have no no. to take so we put decimal in quotient and 0 in remainder and countinue division
mostly we put 0 in quotient when on dividing two no.s remainder become zero. if there is any other no. to be taken down,and if the no. is greater than divisor,then'we countinue division and if the no. is less than divisor,we put 0