You have noticed that a no of trees are being cut in your nearby area for the development of residence ans shopping complex . this is affecting the environment and the area seems to be more polluted . what suggestion can you give to balance human needs with the environment?



Both trees and human beings are interdependent. One can't survive without another. So, it's necessary to keep a balance between human needs and the environment. We need more space to build new buildings.For the new space we cut down the trees carelessly. But we can maintain a balance by planting a number of trees in any other place where it will remain safe and will not cause impediment. We can cut down the trees when it's necessary for us but we should also replace the number of destroyed trees into a new one. 
both trees and human beings are interdependent. the trees should be planted more and more so the pollution  is to be reduced so that human needs can be balanced with the environment