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Well there r many figures of speech let me tell u bout the one which i know...
1) When we find comparison...then it is  a simile brave as lion or as proud as peacock
2) Metaphor is implied simile
example.....the curtain of night
3) Considering non-living or in-animated objects as living ones by showing there similar characteristics is personification
example.....opportunity knocks once.
4) The transferred emotions of living beings most probably humans to a non living organism is called transferred epithet.
example.....i slept on restless bed
5) Exaggeration is called hyperbole.
example......she wept ocean of tears
6) Sounding words r often referred as onomatopoeia
example......the door closed with a thud
7) When in a sentence the first letter of a word is repeated for more than once then it is a case of alliteration.{ isn't necessary that the words r continuous like five frustrated fools...but can be blocked words even as flowing of rivers is flawless} 
example..... She sells sea-shells down by the sea-shore
8) Repetition is when in a sentence  whole word is repeated more than once whether repeated continuously or blocked
example......two and two makes four
9) Pun is when a word has two meanings and one is used in a sentence
example......the prisoner lies in prison
{NOTE :here lies means to lie...but in the sentences it refers to living or staying in prison of the prisoner...}

And  yes let me make u aware of the fact learn the difference b/w simile and metaphor ; alliteration and repetition ; personification and transferred epithet
hope this helps...plzzz make this the brainiliest answer