1. First tell about what role does it play to make our future brighten, to lead a happy respectful life, and make us socialized human beings. You can say that- Education improves our knowledge, skills, personality,  etc.It trains us whole life and brings lots of opportunities to our way to get better prospects required for our career. 
2. Then you can tell what role a teacher plays in providing us right education.You can say- Our teacher help us to get good quality education, guide us, provide us knowledge, and they try their best to learn more and face all the challenges in our lives. They remove all the darkness from our lives and help us to find a good career in this world..etc.
3. You can say a little about how low level of education for poor and large number of illiterate people in India are affecting in the growth and development of India.And how the quality of education has modernized in past few years.

4. At last you can say how much education matter in one's life, something about it's importance as you have said at first.and how better education can help everyone to get a better quality of life. their lives and how it will result in the development in our country.