The conservation of energy principle states that energy can neither be destroyed nor created. Instead, energy just transforms from one form into another. So what exactly is energy transformation? Well, as you might guess, energy transformation is defined as the process of changing energy from one form to another.There are so many different kinds of energy that can transform from one form to another. There is energy from chemical reactions called chemical energy, energy from thermal processes called heat energy, and energy from charged particles called electrical energy. The process of fission, which is splitting atoms, andfusion, which is combining atom gives us another type of energy called nuclear energy. And finally, the energy of motion, kinetic energy, and the energy associated with position, potential energy, are collectively calledmechanical energy.
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1. in electric motor: electric energy to mechanical energy .
2. iron: electric energy to heat energy.
3. bulb: electric energy to heat energy to light energy
4. radio: electric energy to kinetic energy to sound energy
5. steam engine: heat energy to kinetic energy.( mechanical energy )
6. cell/battery: chemical energy to electrical energy.
7. gas stove: chemical energy to heat energy.
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