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1. Aggressively Pay Down Debt

The longer you hold onto debt, of any kind, the longer you keep yourself in shackles that prevent you from working toward your other financial goals.

2. Revisit Your Budget

You should be reviewing your budget regularly to ensure it's aligned with your priorities. Now's the time to do some serious tweaking to make sure you're budgeting for what matters you now

3. Get Specific About Savings

In your 20s, you should be working to build an emergency savings fund and putting money aside toward any short-term goals, like saving to buy a car. As you get older, savings goals emerge that are bigger than anything you've saved up for previously -- like getting married, buying a house, starting a family or building your children's college fund.

4. Check Your Insurance Coverage

You have more assets, and you may also have more people financially dependent on you. Make sure you have the coverage you need to protect you and your loved ones should the unexpected happen.

5. Get Serious About Retirement 

As your salary increases over the years, the amount of money you're putting aside toward retirement should also increase. You should be putting away at least 15 percent of your income into accounts like a 401(k) or Roth individual retirement account.
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Money management Money is very precious for us. It is very important for us. We cannot think our potential for life. We should spend it wisely. We should save it. We should manage our money by keeping piggy banks. Without money we cannot live in this world. So join your hands and take a pledge to save this valuabe money.
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