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 prokaryotic cells do not have a nucleus                        eukaryotic cells have 
 prokaryotic cells lack some organelles                            eukaryotic cells do not. 
 prokaryotic cells are not found in humans                        eukaryotic cells are.found in                                                                                                      human  
-prokaryotic cells are always unicellular                       eukaryotic cells are often                                                                                                     multicellular. 
 prokaryotic cells reproduce by binary fission                eukaryotic cells not reproduce
                                                                                          by binary fission                                                                                          
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Pro has no nucleus or organelles ( it does have a nucleoid) 
Eu have a separate nucleus and a variety of organelles 

Pro perform cellular respiration (those that do) in their cell membranes 
Eu perform cellular respiration in their mitochondria 

MOST Pro have thick cell walls made of chitin 
Eu that have cell walls (plant cells) are mostly made of cellulose
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