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I will suggest you topic ''BUSINESS WORLD'' because it is a unique topic and have lot to speak.

                                        BUSINESS WORLD

''BUSINESS WORLD'' such a great topic to write. business means an economic activity which is performed by an individual to to get profit by purchasing and selling of goods. A person starts business to earn money for there livelihood. Business also plays a very major role in development of a country. Business is the activity which is performed in all over the world. Business is one and only activity through which we earn a very big profit just in a minute. we didn't become a big and rich person by doing a whole life job but through business we will get either profit or either loss. Business is all about risk if you take a big risk you have 2 possibilities either big profit or big loss. the person who take risks in business he's a good business man. business in one and only activity which full fills the human wants buy purchasing and selling of goods. business is like thread which joins the producer to consumer. producer are factory and consumers are human beings so business plays a very major role in that.