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      The popular definition of “Politics” says that it is the practice and theory of influencing people.  It is related to acquiring a position of power and then exercising the power through organized governance to influence and control a human community (society).   Thus good politics is about good control and good influence over the people.

       Happiness of people is related to health, religion, marriage, family life, social connections, job satisfaction and living standards.   There are established individual and national determinants of happiness for people.   People who are healthy enjoy life more than those who are not.  People who exercise their religion and religious services generally show happiness explicitly than those who are not.  Thus religion shows a positive relationship with happiness in people.   There are many other factors.  People with a freedom of expression are happier than introverts or those with no freedom of expression (like slaves).   People who have optimism, who have control of their own life and having self-esteem feel happier than those who do not have them.

       At national level, the level of economy and its development increases happiness in people.  Also the modernization seems to enhance happiness at a gross level.   Political liberties, stability in political rule, less economic inequality, less social inequality (like castes), low rates of social crimes, low crime rates against women, accessibility to health and education services and less unemployment rates show that people are happier in the society.

       Democracy or any political system is supposed to provide people with the factors that make its citizens happy.  It should not be like an anarchy where only the rulers' needs are important and a priority.  They should not curtail any of the factors that make people happy.  Thus true politics is to promote the human happiness.  True politics are not to make politicians and members of political system happier at the expense of people in the state.  

     In my opinion, or any universal definition, politics is meant for political administration of people living in the society.  The political system at a gross level is an evolution over years of man's life on Earth.  The system is supposed to help people to progress.  It is supposed to reflect its success in the increased happiness level of the people.  In their eyes, doings, sayings and living, the true happiness is reflected.  If politics is not helping people to become better and happier, then  there is no point in continuing this system of living together and being administered by a common centralized power.

     So in case the political system does not contribute positively to the betterment of people, then people could live without it and be happy in a free wild life like situation.  Probably long time ago, people lived freely on their own will and enjoyed.  So our political system evolved to this modern status, to enable each person live in safety of food, individual security to life,  comfortable living, satisfaction of social and individual needs etc.  Thus the politics are not for some individual game plays or for other purposes.  They are for improving peoples happiness levels.  These levels are also changing continuously these days.

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