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     Poem on "Dream before your dreams come true"...
                             " I dream for India to be..."

    I suppose Dr  Kalam would dream about India going great.  Dr Kalam was a patriot and worked for development of missile program as well as science and technology.

   Dream,  Know  You have to dream
Before comes true surely your dream.

   Dream high and honourable,
   Conceive a plan that is gettable,
   Think day n night setting no bounds,
   Even while sleeping, you will, in your dreams
   Work your way through realizing your goal,

   I dream India an envied Superpower
   Self-Reliant with a Defense Stronger
   Space or Agriculture Successful in every Sector,
   No kid works to earn, School a Learning Heaven,
   Illiterate no more in Dictionary Indian,
   Happiness in Home of every Citizen.

   International  Noble, Booker or Oscar
Indian prodigies win each every year
   In India will be Einsteins and Newtons
  Taking India beyond Chinese and Americans

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