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I am unable to give a drawing directly.  But I will give suitable hints and ideas.  I hope you would be able to make a drawing based on those.

1.  A poor boy selling newspapers by traveling on bicycle and throwing papers in to houses in the morning.
2.  Muslim boy praying in Mosque
3.  Studying maths/science in a class room or his room, with seriousness and sincerity.
4.  Kalam, young boy, among a Hindu priest, Christian father and a Muslim Imam.    He is listening to them.
5.  A 20 yr boy receiving degree from a VIP at a function.

Add a caption like the following:   On how it influenced me...

    I learn to be Sincere, Hardworking, Honest in Studies.  Secular, Non-controversial, follow my Dharm and contribute to the development of India.
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