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      Dr. Kalam said this famous quote for the aspiring young people and children of India.  Dr. Kalam was inspiring the future builders of Indian Nation to plan for a big career and then achieve that goal.

   The quote came for the person who dreamed to become big and then worked hard step by step to reach the apex of his career.   So the well qualified and respected gentleman he is, he told the young to set their life's aim high.  Then they should dream strongly about their aim in life.  They should set a plan of action that can make them go that high.

   Gods allowing or not, one's efforts will take one to reach that goal.  Here in the quote, dreaming does not mean to have sweet dreams in the night's sleep.  It means that even in the dream, one should think of what and how to achieve one's life goal.  One should put in sincere planning and execution of planning.  One should not take rest at all and think of other matters.

    I dream  India to be a superpower, self reliant and technologically very advanced and capable in all areas of science and technology, including Space and defense.  I dream India to be a world leader.  India follows the ideologies of our great leaders, remains peace-loving, and development oriented.  I dream India to be with no poor people and with no food shortage.  I dream India to be in a position to provide employment to all youth by the time they are graduated.  I dream India to have no illiterate child or adult.

     I dream India to be cultural and technological heritage resembling the heaven for every tourist that comes to India.  I want India to produce a Nobel prize, a Bookers prize, and an Oscar award every year.  I want the young scientists of India to be the Einsteins and Newtons of 21st century.
    For the dream to come true,  I will work very well.  I am sure all Indians too will also contribute towards.
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