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Lad Kalam gold hearted most,
   In a poor family born youngest.
Though was newspaper boy to earn living,
   Still obedient noncontroversial never fighting.

Cultured religious kind Muslim perfect,
   Five times a day Namaz he did right.
For higher studies secured scholarship,
   Project work caused some hardship.
Warned Dean, God on the side of Kalam though,
   Got degree, Sincere Effort saw him through.

Student’s life of Kalam raises in me inspirations,
   Permanent are not my toughest difficulties.
 Getting  low marks  n  comprehending none,
Read Solve Practice,  Right Way That’s the One.

D umb are some young,  shine yet later,
   Magic never, Success is Gift of Effort ever,
Lose no hope courage honesty humanism,
  Conviction, Humility, beautiful smile on face,
Surely get you on to the President’s Sinhasan.
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