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Dear Bidisha,
                 I hope you are in good health,and by God's grace,I pray that you are happy with life too.It has be a while since I wrote to you. Both of our lives changed when you moved to Pune.
Well,the summer vacations are starting now. What are your plans? Are planning to come to Kolkata? 
My parents decided that we should take a trip to Gangtok. We are going to be there for two weeks. I can't help but to feel excited. This will be my first experience to go to a hill station,since you know, I always loved to salty waters of beaches. It will fun,I hope.
                    Please come to Kolkata and visit me. I miss you a lot. Writing to you is only a painful reminder of our youthful days that we spent together as children. Give my best regards to  Uncle and Aunty. 
                                                                                Your friend,
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write the address of that person whom u r sending to

dear friend , 
write how ur going to spend ur holidays 
                                                                                                  your lovingly 
                                                                                                      your name      
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