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      Jayaprakash Narayan was a good and beloved world leader (lok nayak).  This title was given to hime for the services he rendered to the people of India.  He had lived for the people.  He had participated in the freedom struggle as well as on the social issues and evils.  He respected women and their opinions.  He had told the ideal meaning of politics that political system must enhance happiness of people.  JP had preferred socialism to other philosophies.

     JP spent most of his life fighting for independence.  In his childhood, He used to read the heroic stories of Rajputs and Bhagawad Gita.  He was influenced a lot by them.  Narayan was an intelligent student.  He went to USA for higher studies.  Had he wished to earn a lot of money for himself, he could have done.

      JP married young.  His wife Prabhavati Devi became a freedom fighter herself.  She lived in Gandhiji’s ashram when JP went to USA.  After returning from USA, JP joined the freedom struggle on the call of Pandit Nehru.  He joined Indian National Congress in 1929 and became a good disciple of Gandhiji.  He went to jail a number of times and was tortured too.  His dedication to the nation was impeccable.

     JP was friends with fellow patriots Ram Manohar Lohia, Meenu Masani, Ashok Mehta and Yusuf Desai.  In 1932 Narayan took part in the civil-disobedience movement on the call of Gandhiji.  He went  to jail again.  Later JP with his compatriot friends and senior freedom fighters started Congress Socialist Party within INC.  He was the general secretary of the party.

     In 1924 he led people from the front row during the Quit-India movement on the call of Gandhiji.  After Gandhiji died, CSP separated from INC.  After independence, JP had not gone for big power.

     During 1960s JP participated in the politics of Bihar.  During 1970s he took part in Gujrat’s politics.  In mid 1970s he tried to raise awakening in people against corruption and exploitation.  During emergency JP fought against atrocities committed against people.  He led the opposition leaders and was jailed too.

     JP is respected as one of the few selfless leaders of Gandhian ways.  His favouring of people’s rights and concern for their happiness, earned him the title “Lok Nayak”.

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