Gajodhar: Hi, there Manohar whats up
Manohar: Nothing much but......
Gajodhar: but......
Manohar: I don't know how to save and use electricity
Gajodhar: You don''t play games on android, use computers laptops etc for a long         TV programs without any event
Manohar: :P ba ba but why?
Gajodhar: Do you want to know how to conserve inverter electricity?
Manohar: Yep!
Gajodhar: So if you follow me then, you will not need to charge your devices for                    long and it consumes lots of electricity!
Manohar: I'll try gaj..

The very next day

Gajodhar: Hey man how your doing
Manohar: Thank you man 
Gajodhar: No problem. how your doing
Manohar: Obviously, I saved lots of electricity
Gajodhar: Yeah, I knew it would be.
Manohar: xD Bye
Gajodhar: Bye man take care.