Use of computer as such is in plantation farming
And in agriculture, you can say that the agricultural machineries are made with the help of computer.
E-Agriculture is a community of people devoted to the exchange of information and ideas to work towards rural and agricultural development. On the official E-Agriculture website, their mission is defined; "Our Mission is to serve as a catalyst for institutions and individuals in agriculture and rural development to share knowledge, learn from others, and improve decision making about the vital role of ICTs to empower rural communities, improve rural livelihoods, and build sustainable agriculture and food security". Information is shared whenever there is demand for such information. For example, say an entrepreneur (like a farmer) wants to begin exporting crops, but is unsure of the market standards regarding sustainability. By communicating their demand for knowledge of such standards via computer, (be it on forums, online programs, or e-mail), the entrepreneur is likely to receive the information. This transaction is all run through the community of E-Agriculture