What do students think about heavy book bags? Scholastic Choice magazine (August 2002 edition) said that ? 70% of high school students suffer from back problems due to overweight book bags. Exactly what causes these bags to be overweight? Heavy books that students carry around all day and rarely use.Sometimes it seems books are too big for the classes that don?t use them frequently. These books just sit in students book bags, adding to the weight and making it unbearable.If books were to be purchased as paperback, or in a series of small books that you could switch out as you finish each book, this would reduce weight and make it easier on students. Otherwise, a second set of books should be purchased so that students could take a book home for studying and homework, and leave one in the classroom for class work assignments. This would cut down on weight. ?Book bags hurt my back after school because they are so heavy, with so many books to carry all day
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