A disaster can be prevented by taking necessary precautions and managing it.
Some of the steps through which the impact of a disaster can be reduced are:
 ·  Preparedness
 ·  Mitigation 
 ·  Emergency Response 
 ·  Relief and Recovery 
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You cannot prevent the natural disastrous, but can minimize it effects. to a great extent.

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If its a natural phenomenon taking place , we can only take precautions as its not in ours hands entirly. but if it is a manmade disaster the it surely can be prevented.few ways through which impact of disaster can be reduced:-
1) in case of disasters such as landslides, the area must be wel constructed , building houses should be avoided  in low lying areas, as they're most threatened.
2) in cases of earthquakes, nevr take cover inside a place, always outside where there are no buildings or obstacles.
3) in case of flooding, its a global awareness now that we grow more trees, as they reduce the speedy flow.and so on
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