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                                        yes technology the only way of advancement now a day because generations are changing and the uses of technology is used more now a days. but the people are mostly getting addicted to it with out technology now a days people cannot survive their lives. technology has become a important part of people and making people lazy and fell drowsy  which is causing many diseases like obesity. now a days children a are affected by low eye power which mean they will get spectacular and making them to only concentrate in game not in studies. due to technology many animals are dying and that species are getting extinct like sparrows they are died because of radio active waves. this is causing even small infants to die. we humans have to take care of all these kind of things if we are mostly using technology. technology is causing many diseases like skin cancer and other such things. this  technology I useful I accept but the uses are bringing many bad affect on people. technology is killing many birds and animals. there is global warming because of technology. this global warming one day will even kill humans on the world. so I conclude that we have to search other alternative technology. which does not harm other.

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